Harness Flux

The noise made by John M (Metropolitan, The Cheniers) in Washington DC
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All instruments J. Masters © 2013 Heavy Hang Session (ASCAP)

America Hearts
Harness Flux
Finley Martin
Sun Aug 3 4pm
Matinee show at the Pinch WDC

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#harnessflux at IOTA arlington va (by nalinee darmrong)

#harnessflux live at IOTA

Fire escape johnnymetro

Harness Flux Shots on the Patio

at galaxy hut (by stef) johnnymetro


A #harnessflux photo shoot (more to come) by @stefsqui

Harness Flux - Slide To Unlock (by John Masters)

Greenland and Harness Flux Sunday June 15th Galaxy Hut greenlandtheband

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Harness Flux - Slide to Unlock

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